Get Ready For Summer With A Pre-Season Sprinkler System Checkup!

Thirsty Turf will save you money while improving curb appeal and curbing waste water, that’s our bottom line, period.

As we approach the start of the grass growing season steadily, concern turns to water management and delivery.


Many home and business owners know that spring is prime time for an air conditioning check—no one wants to have the A/C breakdown when summer temps hit double digits. But many may not realize that it’s also a perfect time to do an irrigation system check.


Our Lawn Sprinkler systems are relied on during the hot summer months to keep lawns and landscapes alive and healthy, a spring inspection can keep your system free of water wasting performance issues all summer long.


Think about this for a moment and why the Spring start up is the *most important *part of your annual Sprinkler System maintenance…


If a sprinkler system is started without a professional inspection at the beginning of the season and or adjustment, it now will run al summer in that state of disrepair. This can cause many problems to go undetected all summer long.


Even if your system seems to be performing well, you should be concerned about how much water you are using, so you can look for potential solutions curb that usage.


The first sign of any major issues can show up on the water bill. Does it seem high compared to the previous month or year on a regular basis? Is it comparable to other properties in the neighborhood?


Here is a tidbit about most systems that have been in the ground 4 plus years…


Most spray heads are very inefficient, with a distribution uniformity (DU) of 40 percent, meaning only 40 percent of the water gets to the plants roots. The problem is how fast they put out water, this is usually also complicated by high system pressure (misting) This usually leads to ponding, runoff and a lot of wasted water. Swapping fixed spray heads (which most of you have) with high-efficiency spray or rotary nozzles can double the efficiency on most systems, saving hundreds of gallons each week! Even a rotor can be changed over to a rotary nozzle.


Rotary nozzles water more slowly, so the water reaches its target (the root zone), combine this with a cycle and soak program and watch the savings accumulate!


Whether it’s part of your regular maintenance or an annual service visit, following up on irrigation checks can help prevent problems and even help you save up to 50% on water this summer.


Start the season off right with these checks to help your wallet and lawn, save water and enjoy the landscape all summer long! Remember, Turf Care Customers get 10% off the startup price!


To book the service,  just click Sprinkler System Audit for more details on our services.

Let start the season off on the right foot!