Seasonal Lawn Sprinkler System Services

Seasonal Startups and Winterizing of your Irrigation System

A different kind of sprinkler company providing a new standard of service.

Thirsty Turf

Seasonal Services, (please call for commercial pricing)



Our spring system startup service includes  for the price of $79.99 the following:


– Adjust all rotor arcs prior to system recharge.
– Open all valve boxes and inspect for rodent nests.  Inspect all system plumbing, manifolds and wiring prior to system start.

-Power on system control panel, ensure correct date and time, inspect function of all weather sensors (if equipped)
– Start and run system, inspect performance of all rotor and spray heads, check for system alarms.

– Perform required radius overlap and spray adjustments to all rotors and spray heads, We will also be checking left and right stop on rotors and sprays.

– Shut system down and inspect for any low head drainage

– Produce a suggested watering schedule customized for your lawn and local soil type.
– Provide a checklist of performance results and recommended repairs / cost for system upgrades.

(Maximum number of system zones is 12)


Fall system shut down includes for the price of $76.50 the following services:


– Running inspection of the system prior to shutdown to ensure the system is fully functional and ready for final blowout procedures.

– Open all valve boxes, inspect the manifolds and wiring before shutdown.


–  Final evacuation of the system for winter, close all valves.  We will then provide a report with an estimate for any recommended repairs.


(Maximum number of system zones is 12)


The Thirsty Turf fall system shut down includes a timed interval shut down, which will ensure the rotor-heads are not overheated in the shutdown process. This often occurs with a lower-priced shut down service which goes undetected unfortunately.

Most competitors are only concerned with their time on site and getting out as fast as possible. That can be a problem for your wallet in the future and your lawn.

Another great reason to call Thirsty Turf!