Lawn Sprinkler Repair Services:

High water bills?


The Thirsty Turf Lawn Sprinkler System Audit can save you up to 50% on your water use when combined with certain system upgrades!


Maintaining and updating your irrigation system is one of the most cost-effective ways to reduce water waste and save significant amounts of money along with improving the quality and health of the lawn and landscape.


On average, irrigation systems use 55% more water than recommended in the spring and fall seasons.  Over watering creates a weak root system and can leave your landscape susceptible to disease and insect damage.


As much as 1/3 of all water use is for landscape irrigation. Some experts estimate that as much as 50% of the water applied as irrigation is wasted due to evaporation, wind or runoff caused by inefficient irrigation methods and systems. With such large amounts of potable water being wasted, a significant opportunity exists for improvements in irrigation efficiency.


This is why Thirsty Turf has created our own version of an irrigation system audit…


Thirsty Turf Audit benefits:

Thirsty Turf will help you get the best out of your irrigation system and help you maintain beautiful curb appeal while lowering your water consumption and costs.

There are countless reasons why you should invest in the Thirsty Turf irrigation system audit: Please feel free to to click on any of the hotlinks in the below section for detailed videos and information on specific components and available technologies.


We will inspect your current system controller for any upgrades that may allow smart system technologies  such as rain sensors / soil moisture sensors to be added and or Wi-Fi modules which can allow you remote control from your smartphone.  We will also be checking the current programmed cycles to determine how well they match the lawns needs, this must be based on soil type and absorption rate.  Every soil type, sand, sandy loam, clay, clay loam, has a maximum hourly absorption rate, excess water over and above this rate becomes waste runoff and leads to much decreased system efficiency. An great example would be on a sloped clay soil turf area, this should be watered in a cycle-soak manner for maximum absorption.



We will open all valve boxes and inspect for corroded wiring connections. We then can inspect plumbing manifolds and valve bodies for damage.



We will inspect all rotors and spray heads to determine if they are already equipped with a PRS (pressure regulating stem) which can greatly increase efficiency, or SAM (seal-a-matic) check valves, which eliminate low head drainage after system shut down.



We will then run the system and test all zones, observing for correct left and right rotor stops plus necessary overlap and spray patterns.  We will be looking for any leaks at this time and any rotors or spray heads in low areas which are suspect for head drainage after shut down.



We will be inserting a pressure gauge in the spray stream of each rotor and make note of the pressure readings across all zones, taking into account any changes in pressure within any given zone.  This can indicate a broken /cracked pipe or damaged component and or a partially clogged strainer filter.



We will be looking for zone separation quality, for example if the flowerbed is on the same zone as the front lawn, that would be a negative should be on a separate valve.  Turf has very different moisture requirements than flowers, just like shaded areas have moisture needs much different than sunny or sloped areas.



We will then look at the zone map on the inside cover of the controller panel.  Normally each zone is labelled and should match up with the physical location of that zone on the property.  If this is not the case, it can be difficult for the customer to make proper adjustments when required.



We will provide a complete report of the current system condition and its performance and also a recommended list of repairs. We can provide you an estimated savings based on available upgrades at the time of the audit completion.

Contact Thirsty Turf Lawn Sprinkler Repair Services in Kingsville and Essex County Area for your irrigation system audit and start saving money!