Lawn sprinkler system Installation


If you are sick and tired of dragging a hose to water different areas of your lawn or fighting with setting timers for manual sprinklers, it may be time to think about installing an in ground sprinkler system.

With the changing climate, more demand is being placed on our lawns to be watered very strategically.  Moisture demand has increased and that means more work for the homeowner.

Well, we are here to tell you that you do have options that are affordable, smart technology friendly and efficient.


What should I  expect?

With any new lawn sprinkler system from Thirsty Turf Inc, you should expect only the best new nozzle designs.

We use specific Rain Bird nozzle types, more primarily called variable arc rotary nozzles (RVAN)  These use much less water and take the place of the older technology like variable arc sprays (VAN) which used 3x the water.  You will see these older VAN types of nozzles in flowerbeds, boulevards, narrow turf areas, often emitting a fog or heavy mist.

There is no mist or fog from a newer more efficient RVAN nozzle, rather a steady rotating set of streams and larger droplets all making it to the soil and penetrating effectively.


RVAN nozzles can be used to cover an entire turf area but are most ideal for slopes, narrow or odd shaped turf areas including flowerbeds.


Watch this short Rain Bird Video about the RVAN high efficiency rotary spray nozzles.




When it comes to the open turf areas, its no question that a RAIN BIRD 5000+ series rotor is king.  These rotors are tough, accurate and durable.  They come equipped with 2 options, a PRS pressure regulating stem and SAM seal-a-matic check valve.


PRS regulates the water pressure passing through the rotor so that the output nozzle is operating within its normal range of recommended pressure.  This saves on water use dramatically in areas where municipal water pressure is higher than 55-60psi.

Here is a video about PRS




SAM is a check valve installed in the bottom of the rotor case.  If we take a garden hose for example and put one end at the low end of a hill and open the end, what happens? The water escapes.  With SAM, even the lowest or last sprinkler head in the line will not allow the water in the sprinkler plumbing to escape each time the system is shut down.







When it comes to controllers, we use a variety of options depending on the customers needs.  We can install the most basic controller with simple to use options, or a smart controller that you may even control from a remote location via your smartphone. Weather sensors will be installed to assure the controller has the upper hand.  No more worries about the system running during a thunderstorm in the night.

Either way you are sure to get a quality product that meets your needs and your budget, we guarantee it, and your lawn & landscape will love it!


We also offer monitoring services for very large systems, including commercial locations.  This enables us to prevent water losses and even schedule repairs without you having to lift a single finger to call a technician.  We receive real time system data to keep us informed about the status of your system and its operations so we may react promptly.


If you are looking for a water wise lawn sprinkler system design, start here.

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