Get Ready For Summer With A Pre-Season Sprinkler System Checkup!

Spring is here, time to open the sprinkler system.



As we approach the start of the grass growing season steadily, concern turns to water management and delivery.


Why perform a Spring opening inspection?


Many home and business owners know that spring is prime time for an air conditioning check—no one wants to have the A/C breakdown when summer temps hit double digits. But many may not realize that it’s also a perfect time to do an irrigation system check.


Our Lawn Sprinkler systems are relied on during the hot summer months to keep lawns and landscapes alive and healthy, a spring inspection can keep your system free of water wasting performance issues all summer long.


 Spring start up is the *most important *part of your annual Sprinkler System maintenance…


Book your lawn sprinkler system opening and tune up today.



Up to 6 Zones $99

6-15 Zones $125.99

Call for systems larger than 15 Zones


Prices include:


  • Recharge pipe system slowly to avoid pipe damage from water surge
  • Inspection of backflow preventer to ensure correct function / installation
  • Inspect mainline pipe for leaks
  • Zone inspection to ensure each zone is operating correctly via the controller.
  • Straighten and raise up to 5 crooked sprinklers (additional $15 per head thereafter)
  • Test and record ohms for each zone to detect potential solenoid / system electrical problems.
  • Do a visual pressure test of each zone and note any pressure issues with recommendations for repairs or adjustments / additions / upgrades
  • Observe / adjust spray nozzles to ensure proper sprinkler coverage
  • Inspect rain sensor for proper function and inform customer if repair is needed.
  • Replace batteries in wireless rain sensors where applicable
  • Set a basic schedule for proper watering and to minimize excessive watering or run off.
  • Check and adjust sprinkler coverage to insure water is not being wasted on concrete or road surfaces.
  • Provide free estimate for energy efficient upgrades and all needed repairs.





Start the season off right with these checks to help your wallet and lawn, save water and enjoy the landscape all summer long! 


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Lets start the season off on the right foot!