Thirsty Turf can upgrade your existing low efficiency system with new water smart devices that use half the water of your existing devices.

  1. It is a fact that most systems in the ground today are installed with very basic technology, this is due to installers keeping a competitive rate to get the job.  Yes, even if your system is new, it is likely just put together with basic high flow nozzles.
  2. You should always look for the signs of quality on your installation quote, such as Rain Bird RVAN rotary nozzles and 5000 series rotors with SAM  check valves and PRS presure regulators.  The 1800 Series Rain Bird spray bodies with SAM and PRS are also a great water saving component.
  3. Combined with RVAN nozzles, these can use half the water of traditional value added Rain Bird VAN MPR  series nozzles which are the most commonly installed nozzle today due to low cost.
  4. Rotary nozzles are more wind resistant and produce very little runoff. They also produce much more even coverage.


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