Thirsty Turf can upgrade your existing low efficiency system to a newer, higher efficiency system for a one time fee, ask us for details and pricing.

Included in this upgrade is:

  1. A Rain Bird ESP-TM2 8 station controller (12 station also available) , we will program for the soil moisture requirements in your specific area.
  2. A Free Rain Bird WR2 wireless rain sensor
  3. Up to 6 replacement spray heads equipped with HEVAN nozzles, up to 15 rotor assemblies equipped with PRS (pressure regulating stems) and SAM (Seal a Matic) check valves.
  4. A Rain Bird Link Wi-fi connectivity module which enables you full control over your system from your smart phone.

The cost savings alone from cutting your future water use to possibly half of your current usage will pay for this upgrade over and over again!

Call us today for an assessment and start saving money!