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A different kind of sprinkler company providing a new standard of service.

Thirsty Turf irrigation Inc., located in beautiful Kingsville Ontario, was founded in 2016 by the current owner of Turf Care Property Maintenance Inc.

A creative entrepreneur and the owner of Turf Care Property Maintenance, Daniel Ryan founded Turf Care in 2011. Turf care offers and provides upscale lawn care and maintenance services to all of Essex county.

From years of field experience in Turf treatments Daniel determined it was evident that many irrigation systems on the properties that Turf Care is already servicing are not up to standards, in many cases despite the fact that they are under the supervision of a competitor.

Daniel felt it would be prudent to pursue this niche market opportunity and designed Thirsty Turf Irrigation incorporated. Thirsty Turf is designed to be different from all other competitors.

The Thirsty Turf marketing strategy is to offer what is lacking and or what is stressing customers out the very most about their irrigation systems.

This happens to be attention to detail in most cases. These small detail items often are the root of all problems when it comes to irrigation systems and their performance and alternately the end-users satisfaction.

But that is not all, many websites as far as competitors go, do not offer any user friendly options. In fact over 90% of the websites out there don’t offer any online purchase options for seasonal maintenance programs or pricing for that matter for repairs etc. They also do not offer much in the Way of educational information for the consumer allow for better moisture management techniques or troubleshoot small repairs on their own.

The thirsty turf website is a hassle free user friendly environment where the consumer can simply choose from a variety of packages and sign up quickly and efficiently for their desired package or service. There is also a wealth of knowledge for the consumer to digest when trying to troubleshoot basic issues.

Thirsty Turf offers a new image and outlook in the lawn sprinkler service industry.

Please take a moment to browse this website and see the options available to you. We are sure your thirst for a new sprinkler service will be quenched as we say!

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At Thirsty Turf Lawn Sprinklers in Windsor & Essex County, we are proud to provide lawn sprinkler repairs for residential home owners and seasonal maintenance service packages for commercial properties and rental spaces.


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Does it seem like no matter what, the lawn is still brown in spots and your water bills are getting higher each season?



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