Lawn Sprinkler System Services & Repairs

Lawn Sprinkler System Performance Audits

A different kind of sprinkler company providing a new standard of service.



Thirsty Turf Irrigation Inc. provides the following services:


Residential lawn sprinkler system service and seasonal maintenance packages.



Lawn Sprinkler system audits for both commercial and residential properties.



Spring system start up and inspections.



Mid season check up and troubleshooting.



Service calls for downed systems or errors.



Fall system shut downs.

Lawn Sprinkler System Seasonal Maintenance Packages


Season Long peace of Mind! Optionally Payable in 3 easy installments, call us for details at 226-350-TURF



A good value package for most residential irrigation systems.

Spring system start up including:
• full inspection
• adjustments
• repair recommendations

Mid summer visit for system performance evaluation and further adjustments if needed along with a free lawn health evaluation from Turf Care for recommended treatments / fertilizer etc.

Fall system winterize and shut down inspection.

Number of system zones included is 10. For Each additional zone add $18 up to a maximum of 12 zones.



A great deal with 4 service visits to your home through the peak usage summer months!

Spring system start up including running inspection and adjustments along with a recommended list of repairs.

2 inspection and adjustment visits June and August, plus a free lawn health evaluation from Turf Care for recommended treatments.

Up to 3 replacement sprinkler heads including replacement labor.

Fall system winterize and inspection.

Maximum number of system zones is 14. Each additional zone add $18 per zone.



6 service visits to your home through the growing season, now that’s what we call Thirsty Service!

Spring system start up, full irrigation system audit and a new system control panel zone map plus:
• Up to 3 replacement sprinkler heads during the spring startup visit, replacement labor included.

4 inspection and adjustment visits, May, June, July, August. A lawn health evaluation by Turf Care with each visit.

This package allows up to 7 replacement sprinkler heads over the season.

10% Discount on additional parts and labor outside the package provisions, plus a 10% discount on a lawn care package from Turf Care Property Maintenance*

Fall system winterize and inspection. Thirsty Turf guarantees that your system will function as it did at time of shutdown come next season or we will fix it for free. (see disclaimer)

Maximum number of system zones is 16. Add $18 per each additional zone.

Why not bundle your Thirsty Turf sprinkler maintenance package with a really great fertilizer and weed control program?

Ask about our Turf Care Lawn Care program discount when you combine service packages from both Thirsty Turf and Turf Care Property Maintenance.

All packages are eligible for three equal billing installment payment options.
*on any other repairs / system renovations and additions or exclusions including extra travel time.
*If you have a commercial property that requires service, please call us for a site inspection and custom pricing.
*replacement sprinklers will not be completed for acts of negligence but for normal wear and tear only, and is also applicable to our seasonal guarantee in the Max Quench Package.