Winterizing Your Lawn Sprinkler System

Getting Your Sprinklers Professionally Winterized is Critical


 Fall Lawn Sprinkler System shut down / winterization closing  service: 

Pricing is $71.99 plus HST for residential systems up to 10 zones.

Commercial systems $135 and up depending on number of zones.

(Maximum number of system zones is 10 for residential systems, please ask for a custom quote if you have more than 10 zones)


The Thirsty Turf fall system shut down includes a high volume low pressure shut down, which will ensure the rotor-heads are not overheated /damaged in the shutdown process. This often occurs with many low priced system shut down services which can go undetected unfortunately.

Many under the table services work on getting out as fast as possible during these shutdowns. That can be a problem for your wallet in the future and your lawn.

Another great reason to call Thirsty Turf!

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