Lawn Sprinkler Services Amherstburg Ontario

by Thirsty Turf Irrigation Inc.

Keeping your lawn looking great all season long can be a big job. One of the ways you can make this job a lot easier is by utilizing an automatic irrigation system. Irrigation systems take the guess work and the hassle out of keeping your lawn green and healthy by providing just the right amounts of water at just the right times, all without you having to lift a finger. What happens, though, when the system designed to maintain your lawn suddenly, itself, needs maintenance? That’s when you call the pros at Thirsty Turf Lawn Sprinklers to make sure your irrigation repair and maintenance is done right, the first time.



Amherstburg Lawn Sprinkler Services, When You Need It Most…


Odds are, if you’re going to need lawn sprinkler service, it’s going to be right in the hottest, driest part of summer, right when your beautiful lawn is totally dependent on regular watering to maintain its beauty. You can’t wait for lawn sprinkler repair that takes days to happen, you need it right now, and you need it done correctly. At Thirsty Turf, we know all about irrigation repair, and will utilize the most experienced technicians using the highest-quality parts to ensure you can quickly get back to keeping your lawn looking great.



Regular Lawn Sprinkler Maintenance is Key


One of the best ways to avoid having a catastrophic system failure at the height of summer is to treat your system to regular lawn sprinkler maintenance. At Thirsty Turf, we take pride in carefully maintaining lawn sprinklers Amherstburg and the surrounding areas. We offer both a system set-up in the Spring and a system shut-down in the fall, and also offer a mid-season maintenance check-up to ensure your system is operating at its peak.


In the Fall, we perform a timed-interval shut-down, which ensures your system’s rotor-heads are not overheated. This process takes extra time that many companies aren’t willing to commit, but it’s an important part of lawn sprinkler service in ensuring the integrity and longevity of your system. We also do a thorough inspection of your entire system to catch any problems before they have a chance to become worse.


In the Spring, we do much of the same, only in reverse. Again, we slowly bring your system back to life, carefully checking for any issues as we go. We check each part of your system, and if we do see something that needs attention, we’ll write up a quote for you to look over. Of course, if you agree to the quote, we’re happy to perform the repairs, as well. Once the system has been operating, as mentioned, we also perform a mid-season check-up, to ensure everything is working as designed, and to catch any issues that have developed during use so that your watering regimen isn’t unexpectedly interrupted.



Being Pro-Active is Worth It!

For lawn sprinklers Amherstburg, it’s important to devote the necessary time and attention to your system to ensure that it’s working properly. A properly functioning system will save you a lot of time and money in the long run due to lower repair costs, and less down time. If you think your system might have a problem, contact us today to set up a low-cost system audit.


Have a Look at this Inforgraphic – Common Lawn Sprinkler Failures

Lawn Sprinkler Services Amherstburg


During an audit, we take a very close look at your system to ensure it’s laid out correctly, that all heads are properly calibrated, and that your lawn is healthy and receiving the quantity of water it needs to thrive. Gaining an understanding of how your system works will give you a better idea of how to take care of it, and what, if any, improvements and repairs need to be made. When you don’t have to drag your hose across your lawn next summer, you’ll realize it was certainly money well-spent.

Does it seem like no matter what they do to fix it, the lawn is still brown in spots?



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